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Uncured SiliconesWe offer uncured silicone formulations which can be used as adhesives, sealants, gels, coatings, dips, and potting/encapsulation compounds.

Generally, most silicones have a wide temperature range of -60°C to +260°C (-76°F to +500°F).  Special formulations can be produced which provides for extended temperature range, high thermal conductivity, electrical conductivity or other useful characteristics.

Cured Silicone RubberWe offer silicone rubber tapes, tubing, caps & plugs and extruded shapes such as "D" bumpers, "P" gaskets and "U" channels, along with silicone rubber coated fiberglass fabrics, tapes, ropes and sleeves. These items are used to provide high temperature protection to hydraulic hoses and cables in heavy industry, molten metal splash protection in foundries and smelters; aerospace applications such as AS1072 sleeve, and silicone tape meeting A-A-59163 and Mil-I-46852 specifications.

Uncured silicones are available in small quantities packaged in tubes, syringes or jars, or for large quantities in pails or drums.

Cured Silicone Rubber Products such as sleeves, tapes or fabrics are available by the foot or yard, or 100 foot rolls, coils or boxes.

Adhesives & Sealants - Most commonly used to seal or bond substrates together. AB Tech offers many products in this category. These products are available in thixotropic (paste like) and self-leveling (flowable) consistencies. Oxime, Acetoxy, and Alkoxy cure systems are available with working times from 4 minutes to over 1 hour. AB Tech also has the capability to customize any of these products in order to meet specific requirements. Some unique abilities in our product line include: bonding through oil, high strength silicone to silicone bonding, selective adhesion, extreme high temperature resistance, gasoline resistance, adhesion to plastics (including Polystyrene, Polycarbonate, Nylon, and PVC Pipe) adhesion to graphite composites, etc.

Conformal Coatings - are used to protect rigid and flexible printed circuit boards from environmental contaminants and vibration. AB Techs' conformal coating products are very low viscosity, one-component, thermally cured liquid silicone elastomers. These products have excellent dielectric properties and can withstand temperatures of -60°C to +260°C (-76°F to +500°F).

Encapsulating and Potting materials - are the ideal choice for protecting sensitive electronic components from extreme environments. Silicones encapsulants withstand temperatures of -115 to +300C while protecting the components from vibration, moisture and atmospheric contaminants. AB Techs' product line consists of both tin and platinum curing systems in a variety of durometers and cure speeds, We also have thermally conductive materials and flame resistant silicone adhesives that meet UL 94 V-0 requirements.

Silicone Foam - low density silicone foam for cushioning, fire blocking, insulation and gasketing in the mass transit, aerospace, automotive, industrial and institutional markets. Low flammability, inherently low toxicity and low smoke emission levels make silicone foam an excellent choice for these applications.

Silicone Gels are two component (1:1 mix ratio) platinum curing materials that cure to a very soft gel like consistency. These silicone gel products are used for protecting extremely delicate components from vibration and mechanical shock, as well as keeping them safe from water and atmospheric contaminants.

Liquid Silicone Elastomers are used to coat a variety of fabrics like fibreglass cloth to be used for electrical sleeving, airbags, roof structures and pressure sensitive tapes. These liquid silicone elastomers typically adhere to fabrics without the use of a primer. AB Techs' products are medium viscosity, two component thermally cured silicone elastomers. All of them have excellent dielectric properties and can withstand temperatures from -40C to +260C (-76°F to +500°F).

Moldmaking - Silicone moldmaking materials are used extensively to create molds that will produce exact replicas of picture frames, statues and furniture. Whether you are casting polyurethane foam, polyester or low melt alloys like bronze you can count on AB Techs' moldmaking materials to deliver exact replicas time after time. Silicone moldmaking materials consist of two components. A liquid base and a catalyst or curing compound. Tin curing silicones give you a wide range of softness, viscosities and curing speeds to choose from, while platinum curing products offer less shrinkage and heat accelerated curing. AB Tech has a broad range of tin and platinum curing silicone moldmaking products that can handle just about any moldmaking application.
Medical Silicones
We now offer medical silicones, formulated in an ISO 7 clean room to ISO 1345.
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